Lil Wayne - Tha Carter II [Vinyle]

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter II [Vinyl 3D Lenticular Cover]


Album : Tha Carter II
Artist : Lil Wayne
Condition : New
Format : Vinyl, 2 LP, Album
Label : Cash Money Records
Edition : 2016 Record Store Day Reissue (3D Lenticular Cover Limited Edition)
Release Date : 2005
Style : Hip-Hop / Rap US / Dirty South / Gangsta Rap

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If Tha Carter III is the most important album of Lil’ Wayne’s career, the one that made him evolve from “hot rapper” to music superstar, his best project is undoubtedly Tha Carter II.
A singular and charismatic voice, a “codeine-flow”, very creative metaphors, not yet drowned in autotune, far from mainstream concerns, Lil ‘Wayne was, at the time, a fucking great rapper, arguably the best rapper alive.
On these productions taking the best elements of 2000’s rap and southern trap music, Weezy seemed simply unstoppable.


1. Tha Mobb
2. Fly In
3. Money on My Mind
4. Fireman
5. Mo Fire
6. On tha Block #1
7. Best Rapper Alive
8. Lock and Load (Ft. Kurupt)
9. Oh No
10. Grown Man (Ft. Curren$y)
11. On tha Block #2
12. Hit Em Up
13. Carter II
14. Hustler Musik
15. Receipt
16. Shooter (Ft. Robin Thicke)
17. Weezy Baby (Ft. Nikki)
18. On tha Block #3
19. I’m a D-Boy (Ft. Birdman)
20. Feel Me
21. Get Over (Ft. Nikki)
22. Fly Out

You can listen to the album on the Southern Hospitality playlist, exclusively on Hip-Hop 4 Life.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 1 cm

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