Eminem – The Eminem Show [Vinyl]


Album : The Eminem Show
Artist : Eminem
Condition : New
Format : Vinyl, 2 LP, Album
Label : Aftermath
Edition : Original
Release Date : 2002
Style : Hip-Hop / Rap US

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The Eminem of the early 2000s was instoppable and uncontrollable, a MC so talented that he no longer even needed Dr. Dre to shine.
The Doctor set back with only three productions but it doesn’t really matter, it is The Eminem Show, his beats are surely less complex than Dre’s but they give an unexpected depth to his music.
More mature than its predecessors, more Marshall than Slim Shady, Em talent on the mic remains the highlight of the show, we obviously find all the elements that make him a fucking great rapper, a breathtaking flow, a rage on the microphone, an impressive technique, a shocking sincerity, a juvenile insolence and an abrasive subversion that America would desperatly need today.


1. Curtains Up (skit)
2. White America
3. Business
4. Cleanin’ Out My Closet
5. Square Dance
6. The Kiss (skit)
7. Soldier
8. Say Goodbye Hollywood
9. Drips (Ft. Obie Trice)
10. Without Me
11. Paul Rosenberg (skit)
12. Sing for the Moment
13. Superman (Ft. Dina Rae)
14. Hailie’s Song
15. Steve Berman (skit)
16. When the Music Stops (Ft. D12)
17. Say What You Say (Ft. Dr. Dre)
18. ‘Till I Collapse (Ft. Nate Dogg)
19. My Dad’s Gone Crazy (Ft. Hailie Jade)
20. Curtains Close (skit)

You can listen to the album on the G-Unit / Shady / Aftermath playlist, exclusively on Hip-Hop 4 Life.

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