The Neptunes – Present… Clones [Vinyl]


Album : Clones
Artist : The Neptunes
Condition : Mint – Sealed
Format : Vinyl, 2 LP, Album
Label : Arista
Edition : Original
Release Date : 2003
Style : Hip-Hop / Rap US / R&B / Pop

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1. “Intro” (performed by The Neptunes)
2. “Light Your Ass on Fire” (performed by Busta Rhymes featuring Pharrell Williams)
3. “Blaze of Glory” (performed by Clipse featuring Pharrell Williams and Ab-Liva)
4. “It Wasn’t Us” (performed by Ludacris featuring I-20)
5. “Frontin’” (Pharrell Williams featuring Jay-Z)
6. “Good Girl” (performed by Vanessa Marquez)
7. “If” (performed by Nelly)
8. “Hot” (performed by Rosco P. Coldchain featuring Pusha T and Boo-Bonic)
9. “It Blows My Mind” (performed by Snoop Dogg)
10. “Half-Steering…” (performed by Spymob)
11. “Fuck N’ Spend” (performed by The High Speed Scene)
12. “Loser” (performed by N.E.R.D featuring Clipse)
13. “Rock ‘n’ Roll” (performed by Fam-Lay)
14. “The Don of Dons (Put De Ting Pon Dem)” (performed by Super Cat featuring Jadakiss)
15. “Hot Damn” (performed by Clipse featuring Ab-Liva, Pharrell Williams and Rosco P. Coldchain)
16. “Put ‘Em Up” (performed by N.O.R.E. featuring Pharrell Williams)
17. “Pop Shit” (performed by Ol’ Dirty Bastard featuring Pharrell Williams)
18. “Popular Thug” (performed by Kelis featuring Nas)

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